Ridley bikes

You can use the Ridley gravel bikes in their widest possible range. A gravel bike is one of the most adaptable types of bicycles available. The bike provides enough stability and allows for a comfortable ride even on side roads, gravel roads, or badly maintained forest roads. On paved roads, you can practically match the speed of a race bike.

Because of your adaptability, you can discover fresh, previously uncharted routes each time you explore the region outside your door. Use one of the many bicycle trails available, or just follow the route as it is. If you just let yourself go with the flow, who knows what pleasant surprises are in store for you.

There are two different frame options available for the Ridley Gravel bikes: carbon and aluminum. The Ridley Kanzo Fast, Ridley Kanzo Adventure, Ridley Kanzo Speed, and the Ridley Kanzo-E Fazua e-bike are among the new items.

You have a wide range of options, including using it as a replacement for a cyclocross or racing bike, for bikepacking or trekking, or even for regular use like going to work or the store. With the Kanzo bikes, you have virtually endless trip options where comfort, speed, and stability are valued above all else. The Ridley gravel bikes are created in Belgium, made in Taiwan or China, and then finished in the country of origin.

Gravel bikes have a lot of tyre clearance so you can also put on wide tyres if you want more traction control. The narrower tyres are better suited to asphalt surfaces due to their better rolling behavior. With the right gravel bike, you hardly need a second bike anymore, as you can hardly find a better all-rounder. They can be used all year round and are not easily stopped by challenging terrain.

The Kanzo Fast impresses with the NACA profile with high stiffness at the bottom bracket and the performance of the Ridley Noah Fast racing bike including the aero properties has been transferred to the Kanzo Fast. There, too, they spent the night thinking about how best to combine the wealth of experience of both bikes and then tested this in the wind tunnel. 

Furthermore, it has also been tested extensively in nature to ensure that it has been optimized down to the smallest detail. This aerodynamic masterpiece guarantees that you will cut a good figure at every cycling event and who knows when the first podium place will be waiting for you. The bike is designed in such a way that the power from your legs is immediately transferred to the pedals, which means you’re ahead right from the start.

With the Kanzo Adventure, such as the Ridley Kanzo A, Kanzo Adventure 1.0 or the new Kanzo Adventure (new), the name says it all and you are guaranteed adventurous excursions. 

The geometry of the bike was designed so that even longer off-road tours are combined with maximum comfort while maintaining the same stability. It is extremely maneuverable and can be easily maneuvered through winding trails. The Kanzo Adventure is equipped with plenty of frame eyelets where you can either attach an additional bottle holder or bags for the next bikepacking tour. Thanks to the extra storage space, you have everything you need with you, even on tours lasting several days, whether it’s a change of clothes, tools, maps, or whatever your biker’s heart wants to have with you when traveling.

The Kanzo Speed ​​is a perfect mix that can be used as a racing bike on the road as well as a well-equipped gravel bike. With the Kanzo Speed, ​​they have created the perfect all-road bike that doesn’t need to hide even in road racing. Sufficient tire clearance ensures that there is enough grip when going off paved roads. 

It’s best to just let yourself go while driving so that you can enjoy the driving pleasure to the fullest. The Speed ​​also has several mounting points where you can attach bags, bottle holders, bags, etc., depending on where you want to travel. No matter whether it’s a day tour or bikepacking, you’re definitely in the right place with the Kanzo Speed.

The Kanzo-E Fazua is the electronic version of the Ridley gravel bikes, which quickly gets you back to the desired speed even on more demanding sections of the route where you have to brake a lot. This is ensured by the powerful motor in conjunction with the Fazua Evation system, which in turn impresses with its lightness. You sit extremely safely in the saddle and can enjoy the landscape even more thanks to the comfortable geometry.

The gravel bikes are available in frame sizes XXS to XL, which vary depending on the model, and you can also use the configurator to put together the bike of your choice. There you can not only choose between different components but also between different color variants. This gives you the opportunity to tailor the bike perfectly to your needs.

The Ridley bikes are also available as racing bikes, cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes, triathlon bikes and other e-bikes.

A flexible selection of excellent components

When choosing components, the customer is sometimes offered various products from market-leading manufacturers, which they can then select according to their preferences

Switch groups & brakes

Campagnolo, SRAM and Shimano are available for selecting the gear groups, which include the rear derailleur, the front derailleur and the shift lever. For example, the Shimano GRX, Campagnolo Ekar, or Shimano GRX Di2 or the SRAM Rival are used and if you feel like it, you can also opt for the high-quality SRAM Rival XPLR eTap AXS, which stands for precise electronic shifting. 

When it comes to brakes, more efficient disc brakes have been used for a long time. The disc brakes not only get better from year to year but also gradually reduce their weight, which for a long time was a reason to stick with the less efficient rim brakes, which perform worse, especially in wet conditions or on muddy surfaces.


For example, the vibration-damping seat post serves as a damper and if you want, you can also choose a gravel suspension fork, with which you can go on even more daring tours without needing an MTB.

Saddle/seat post & handlebars/wheels

Products from Selle Italia are used in the saddle and the damping Forza Aero is used in the seat post. In conjunction with the handlebars and stem, both of which are also often used by Forza, all of these components ensure the rider’s optimal posture. This is extremely important, especially on long trips, not only to avoid back pain but also to transfer the maximum power from the legs to the pedals while maintaining the same stability and control.

For the wheels, they rely on the quality of Fulcrum Racing, which has enjoyed an excellent reputation in the bicycle scene for years, and for the tyres they use products from the equally well-known manufacturer Vittoria from Italy, such as the Vittoria Terreno Dry TLR the Vittoria Mezcal TNT. Forza’s tubeless-ready rims are also used, such as the Forza Norte Gravel DB in conjunction with the Shimano-Campagnolo-XDR hub.

Additional equipment

If you want, you can also add mudguards to your shopping cart, as well as luggage racks, drinking bottles and the right clothing. The last thing you want is to not have everything together before the big tour, no matter how trivial it may seem at the beginning.

Which bike if the Ridley Kanzo gravel bike doesn’t suit me?

If you have concerns about choosing a gravel bike, there are a number of other categories in the Ridley range. In the racing bike segment of the 2022 innovations, you will find the Noah, Helium, and Fenix ​​models, while the cyclocross bikes include the X-Night and X-Ride variants.

For those who prefer to be out and about in the mountains, mountain bikes are the better solution, with the Ignite or Sablo series, and for those who are enthusiastic about triathlon, Ridley also has the Dean models on offer. 

In addition to the Kanzo Electric Bikes, they also have the Res E-Bikes if you prefer a motorized drive as support. No matter which bike you ultimately choose, it is always important to consider the delivery time. For this reason and also to find a possible bargain,